Chasing Ghosts

Published 10:10 am Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LaSha Cremeans can recall what made her become interested in the supernatural.

“I lived in a haunted house,” she said matter-of-factly. “I kept hearing noises and things moved (on their own). Out of the blue I grabbed a camera and a recorder to see if I could tape anything.”

When the tapes were played, Cremeans and friends heard voices telling them to get out of the house. Cremeans vacated her North Fifth Street abode after that but she remained fascinated by the paranormal.

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Now, she, her cousin, Kenneth Miller, his wife, Jennifer Miller and friends Corey Bare and Luke Aldridge have formed the Ironton Paranormal Society. On request, they will investigate reports of ghosts and other extraordinary phenomenon.

“We want to give people peace of mind,” Kenneth Miller said. “We go in, ask people what’s been going on, what they’re experiencing and look for hot spots (areas in the site that may be most affected by the paranormal event).”

Like the investigators on television, the IPS has a variety of electronic equipment aimed at detecting visual and audio manifestations. The intent is to provoke the entity and find out what it is and why it is there.

They have taken part in several investigations in the past couple of years and sometimes work with a similar group from the eastern end of the county, the Proctorville Paranormal Investigative Team.

Earlier this month IPS members investigated supernatural activity at a house on Hog Run Road; the people moving out of the house claimed to have seen the apparition of a nun, saw water faucets turn on and off and heard footsteps.

“When we went through the door I had an uneasy feeling,” Kenneth Miller said. He said they found evidence of a haunting there.

They investigated paranormal activity at a North Fifth Street house in Ironton over the weekend, just a few doors down from where Cremeans once lived and experienced her haunting. The woman who lives there claims to have seen shadows, seen doors open and shut and heard dishes rattling in cabinets.

The IPS members stress they do not bless homes. They only investigate the presence of the supernatural.

To contact the Ironton Paranormal Society, prospective clients may call (740) 523-0135. The group also has a website: