Event to raise funds for senior services

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SOUTH POINT — The Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization and Abbot Home Care will be throwing a senior services fundraiser Thursday to raise money for new fitness equipment.

The fundraiser will take place at the South Point Village Park on West Second Street from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“They’re really promoting fitness and well being for our seniors,” said Tracie Carey, community liaison for Abbot Home Care.

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Carey said that the current equipment is old and falling apart, but that this money will help immensely.

“Honestly, we’re just giving it our best shot. We don’t really have an actual goal,” she said, referring to how much money the organizations hope to raise.

This fundraiser has been a success before.

It will feature free food, music, desserts, and an educational section.

The educational section will be centered on health and will include blood pressure screenings, pulse oxygen screenings and information about home security and Med Alert.

There will also be a Chinese auction where tickets are bought and then placed for drawing in front of the prize of the buyers’ choice.

Additionally, there will be a cakewalk provided by the senior services center.

The food and drinks will be provided by MTS Ambulance Medical Transportation, a group that Carey says has worked well with the CAO’s Senior Services.

“They have been fabulous,” Carey said.

After months of planning, Carey is ready to get see this event in action.

“It’s nice to actually get there and see it all come together,” she said. “We’d like for anyone to come out and have a good time.”