Steel plant still needed

Published 9:39 am Friday, June 19, 2009

Southern Ohio was once built on the foundation of the iron and steel industry.

It can be once again if New Steel International can convince investors and manufacturers that the sluggish economy won’t last forever and that this industry is “steel” viable.

Plans for a $1 billion steel plant in Haverhill stalled late last year and early in 2009 as Russian manufacturers MMK pulled out of the deal to build this facility that was going to be designed to make parts for the automobile industry.

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The plans are currently in limbo while New Steel works to find new partners.

Hopefully, those involved will realize that economic recessions are cyclical. The nation has faced worse challenges before and emerged stronger for it

We think the same will happen now.

The American automotive manufacturers are in the process of reinventing themselves, something that could ultimately inject new life into the steel industry and significantly increase demand.

Couple that with a strong international steel market and the stage is still perfectly set for developing a steel plant in southern Ohio along County Road 1A, a region that has become a growing industrial corridor.

The things that made southern Ohio attractive in the first place — developable land, great quality of life, low tax rates and an available and trainable workforce — remain as appealing as ever.

Making a commitment of this level involves a little faith but we believe that is justified because that leap is built upon the knowledge that this region’s work ethic is as strong as the steel these workers may one day be manufacturing.