Lawrence County Historical Museum to host ice cream social July 25

Published 10:24 pm Saturday, June 27, 2009

Before we start, let’s straighten out some statements made last week.

Dollie Ellison and her husband owned a doll hospital in Ironton.

She donated several life-like dolls to the Lawrence County Historical Museum. They are so beautiful.

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And another concerning Lori Shaffer. She was the author of a book on the furnaces and is in the process of writing a ghost book for Lawrence County. She is employed at the Briggs Library as the adult services library and master in library information. We are proud of Lori because she is one of Lawrence County’s lifelong citizens.

There is not much going on at the museum because it is vacation time for many of the workers.

The ice cream social is planned for July 25. We look forward to this and hope you are too.

Historical fact: DT&I excursionists…

One hundred years ago, the old Iron Railroad, now part of DT&I, hauled much of the pig iron used to manufacture cannons and cannon balls for the Civil War … perhaps the lore has much to do with the planned excursion from far north to the Mason-Dixon line, as part of the war centennial.

The Iron Railroad, built in 1840, was only 18 miles long. Iron nails were laid for the “Iron Horse” to replace the ox cart that traveled in the mud, hauling pig iron from several charcoal furnaces to the wharf at Ironton for river shipment. That’s how the line was named the Iron Railroad.

(Taken from writings by Charles Collett written several years ago.)