Commissioners to consider other prescription discount plans

Published 9:56 am Monday, June 29, 2009

Maybe we’re more attractive than we thought.

Lawrence County Commissioner Les Boggs said since he has expressed an interest in partnering with Caremark CVS for a county-wide discount prescription plan, other similar entities have contacted the county, asking for consideration of their plans.

Earlier this month, Boggs expressed an interest in a discount plan offered by Caremark CVS that would give prescription discounts to almost any Lawrence Countian who signed up for the plan and used pharmacies that are on the Caremark list.

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Boggs said other discount companies now want to be considered before the county signs with Caremark. He said while he thinks Caremark’s plan is probably the best, he is willing to listen to what the others have to say.

“In fairness, I told them to come on Tuesday (to the commission work session),” Boggs said.

Boggs said he is also continuing to work with Commission Employee Benefits Consortium of Ohio (CEBCO) on a quote for employee health insurance.

Medical coverage for county employees has been and continues to be a big ticket items for the county’s general fund.

In other news, commissioners are asking Lawrence County Engineer David Lynd to review the condition of some roads in the county.

Commissioner Doug Malone said parts of Buffalo Creek Road have been apparently affected by recent heavy rains.

“One guy called and said he hit, not a pothole but a couple of huge humps in the road,” Malone said.

Commissioner Jason Stephens said a curve on Lick Creek Road is partially obstructed by tall grass.