Published 10:10 am Monday, June 29, 2009

Property transfers

— Ethel Stafford to Nancy Varney, city of Ironton, $28,461.

— John D. Spillman, et al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn., village of South Point, $76,000.

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— Jeff and Jamie Ginger to Toni Markins, city of Ironton, $56,000.

— Brian and Tammi Nolan to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Assn., Decatur Township, $52,000.

— Alma Kelly to Ronnie Webb, city of Ironton, $60,125.

— Willard Frye and Juanita Frye to Barbara Blackburn, Rome Township, $69,900.

— Judy Jackson to Joan Vaughn, Fayette Township, $6,180.

— Stephen Heck and Martha Heck to John Bond and Teresa Bond, Mason Township, $14,500.

— Getaway Properties to Phillip and Michelle Dunn, Rome Township, $176,000.

— Bobby and Sharon Fowler to Jake and Susan McCoy, Hamilton Township, $36,000.

— Robert Day and Dorothy Day to Christopher McCall, Union Township, $5,216.

— James Collins and Elizabeth Collins to Angela Evans and Lloyd Evans III, Rome Township, $170,000.

— Robert Hall and Bethel Hall to Shirley Porter and Terry Barber, Perry Township, $110,000.

— Gretna Watson and Barbara Nelson to Lewis Alfred and Janet Walker, Union Township, $55,000.

— Matthew Daniels and Tiffany Daniels to Panda Powell, Rome Township, $215,000.

— Panda Powell and Jeff Powell to David and Linda Watters, Windsor Township, $260,000.

— Margaret Lipker to Larry and Louella Kelley, city of Ironton, $38,500.

— Gary Koontz to Beverly Morrison, Fayette Township, $115,000.

— Jeff Jenkins and Jamie Jenkins to Thomas Osborne Jr. and Lisa Osborne, Lawrence Township, $23,700.

— Estate of Junior White to Shannon and Brigette Belville, Mason Township, $18,700.

— Jerry and Jane Watson to Patricia Fields, Upper Township, $95,000.

— Thomas May II to Travis and Heather Oldaker, Union Township, $15,000.

— Ronald Ashworth and Ginger Ashworth to Richard and Carol Polacheck, Hamilton Township, $74,000.

— James E. Holton to William and Teresa Klaiber, Lawrence Township, $19,000.

— John and Rebecca Elam to Megan Green, city of Ironton, $169,000.

Dorothy Mattox to Molly Wilson, village of Chesapeake, $50,000.

— Francis and Gloria Chrismer to National Residence Nominee Services, Upper Township, $135,000.

— National Residence Nominee Services to Thomas and Mary Goody, Upper Township, $116,000.

— Thomas and Virginia Shepherd to Kenneth and Tammy Cade, Aid Township, $200.

— Luella Pinson to Virginia Keith and Cassandra Skaggs, Lawrence Township, $10,000.

— Luella Pinson to Virgil Keith and Cassandra Skaggs, Lawrence Township, $1,000.

— Charles and Cheryl Rawlins to Townsend Investments, city of Ironton, $220,000.

— B. Jean Hatton to Roger and Kathryn Riley, Fayette Township, $133,500.

— Terry Bayless, by Lawrence County Sheriff, to Green Tree Servicing, Elizabeth Township, $17,401.

— Household Realty Corp. to David and Emma Pratt, Upper Township, $55,075.

— Patricia Ritchie to Mark and Jessica Hall, Rome Township, $299,000.

— Estate of Garland Ferris to Brian Skaggs, Rome Township, $102,000.

— Nancy Taylor and Robert Taylor to Charles and Tonda Jayne, Fayette Township, $20,500.

— Craif King, et al to Charles and Tonda Jayne, Fayette Township, $20,500.

— Carolyn Higgins and Gregory Higgins to Charles and Tonda Jayne, Fayette Township, $20,500.

— Peggy Massie and Lowell Massie to Charles and Tonda Jayne, Fayette Township, $20,500.

— John Burcham to Glen Washington, Union Township, $188,700.

— Federal National Mortgage Assn., to James Cordle, city of Ironton, $39,900.

— Michael Rodgers and Kathy Rodgers to Tony Black and Heather Black, Rome Township, $167,500.

— Lucille Vogelsong to Mark Compston, city of Ironton, $65,000.

— Ronald Pierce to Tom and Desiree Evans, Hamilton Township, $28,000.

— Harla Cain and Nancy Reed to Shawn Wellman, Fayette Township,, $125,000.

— Michael B. and Deanna Preston to Charles Haney, city of Ironton, $87,500.

— Deutche Bank National Trust to Paul Kazee and Lillian Kazee, Perry Township, $20,500.

— David and Linda Lester to Andrew and Rachel Compliment, village of South Point, $125,000.

— Stacey Singleton to Melissa Vickers, city of Ironton, $75,000.

— Estate of Garland Barnett to Jeffrey Phillips, Decatur Township, $70,000.

— Deutsche Bank National Trust to Lowell Murdock, city of Ironton, $14,000.

— Douglas and Layvonnia Malone to Steven and Cirilda Dean, Perry Township, $120,000.

— Marlin Matthews and Katie Matthews to Daniel and Mary Davidson, village of South Point, $160,000.

— Philip Dunn and Michelle Dunn to Jeremy and Leslie Webb, village of South Point, $146,900.

— Matthew Swinton and Chantel Swinton to Andrew Blatt and Beverly Blatt, Rome Township, $232,000.

— Julia Shope to Kenneth Napier and Michelle Parker, city of Ironton, $22,500.

— Jean Kendrick to Donald and Jannette Adkins, Fayette Township, $20,000.

— Estate of LaVerne Unger to Sean Keairns, city of Ironton, $110,000.

— Stephens Manns and Wendy Manns to Aaron and Melanie Blevins, Union Township, $527,250.

— Robert Crist and Barbara Crist to Chesapeake Southern Baptist Church, Windsor Township, $1,000.

— Gary and Jocelyn Fulton to Michael and Toni Matt, Rome Township, $75,900.

— Gary and Jocelyn Fulton to Dana and Carol Gillespie, Union Township, $25,000.