Do we listen to what the Devil is saying?

Published 9:38 am Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Devil thinks he has pulled a fast one on the world.

If we could hear what he is saying, I guess it would go something like this:

I’ve been watching you, even though most of you don’t think I’m real.

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Believe me; I rely heavily on the fact that you think I’m make-believe.

Thousands of years ago I got stuck in this hole you call home. I was booted out of Paradise because I thought I could run things better than God. Obviously, He didn’t agree.

So, to make a long story short, here I am. It only took one piece of fruit for me to get your attention.

Fast-forward a few thousand years and there is no doubt that I am pulling the strings in every society, especially in the United States. And amid all of the turmoil going on in this world, when my name is mentioned people still laugh and dismiss my existence.

I love it!

I don’t want you to care about one another. I thrive on your selfishness and the happiness you think you are going to find in this world with things like money, respect and power. I want you to continue treating others in direct proportion to what you think they can do for you…either now or in the future. I surely don’t want you doing things for others simply because you care.

Basically, I want you to continue living a fake existence. I love it when you compliment somebody with no morals simply because he or she may be able to do something for you later in life. I jump for joy when you play “business man”; that grown-up game where everybody pretends to be something they aren’t in an attempt to fulfill personal agendas.

I love pulling those strings and watching you react at my command. My favorite part is that you think you are getting ahead when you play these games. You pretend that money and all these other false pretenses are going to make you happy and I pretend that I’m not setting you up for an eternal disaster.

Since I love challenges, I have to mention that most of you bore me. You are too easily consumed.

Once I have you in my grip, I’m not going to allow anything to happen to you that might make you want to do something to prove that you have no control over your life….something like prayer.

Along those lines, here’s a little secret; If I’m not bothering you, you are already mine! I don’t waste my time pursuing what I already own.

Since I surely don’t want you asking God for guidance, I prey on those who would never sink to prayer: Those prideful souls whose treasures are built in this life. Believe me, they are going to be crushed. Thankfully, they just don’t realize it.

A few thousand years ago, I stood guard when God sent a son to this world. I tempted him… offered him the world I was given control over, but he wouldn’t bend. He said he was here to protect you from me.

In 2,000 years, his influence has kept some of you out of my grasp.

But, most of you don’t believe in him anyway …. nor me.

I really love that!

Billy Bruce is a freelance writer who lives in Pedro. He can be contacted at or by visiting his website,