Central School site would be great location for park

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mr. Jim Walker had the best idea for the Ironton City Schools’ dilemma. Tear down the Central School building and put Beechwood Park there.

Put the bus garage at the Beechwood site. A metal building could house the auto mechanics class until the permanent building could be erected.

This makes much more economic sense than reconstructing the Central School building because it will cost the schools and taxpayers a fortune to bring Central up to code!

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Possibly the city and county commissioners could donate money to moving Beechwood Park to the Central location. I feel confident that there would be ordinary citizens who would volunteer in this effort also.

Just look at what the volunteers with Ironton in Bloom have done to improve our city.

Moving Beechwood to the Central location would provide a much safer playground than the present location because it would be surrounded by houses and semi busy streets to keep suspicious activity, especially at night, to a minimum.

As Mr. Walker said, move the playground equipment, there is already a basketball court at Central and plenty of room for one or two tennis courts.

There could also be a small fenced-in area for smaller kids like Ashland’s Central Park has. A nice park is a plus for any city.

I thought this was in the original plans anyway. I believe this would be the most practical and positive solution to the problem our school district now faces.

As stated above, a metal building for the auto mechanics class would certainly be much cheaper than bringing Central up to code, especially for a temporary solution that Mr. Dean Nance has stated it would be.

Another option is for a temporary metal building at the high school where the buses and classroom used to be.

There is room at that location for this to work.

Marilyn Johnson, Ironton