County fair has something for all

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, July 11, 2009

What do you consider entertainment? The odds are the Lawrence County Fair will have something for you.

Do you like motorsports or big trucks that rip around a race track? Gotcha covered. Prefer country music as entertainment? Check. You like animals and watching our youth who have raised them? Affirmative. Or you like amusement park rides and carnival games? Got those there too.

The annual extravaganza kicked off yesterday and will conclude Saturday. Hundreds of people from across the county will make their visit to the Proctorville grounds that house the fair.

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In this tight economy, the fair is a good choice for close-to-home, family entertainment that is relatively affordable. We hope the community takes advantage of this and supports the fair and the youth that rely on it.

4-H is an important part of the lives for many of these youth. The county fair gives them an opportunity to sell the animals and make some hard-earned cash.

But ask them what they plan to do with the money and you will be surprised what the answer is.

Oftentimes it is something like save for college, help their family buy something for the farm or something else that shows the responsibility many learn from raising these animals.

But even if you cannot bid on an animal, you can still support the fair.

Support a vendor by buying a tasty elephant ear or funnel cake.

Just stop by for a visit and show your support and tell someone “job well done.”

Take the time to thank one of the many volunteers without whom this event wouldn’t be possible.

Many people complain that there is nothing to do in Lawrence County. Well, they cannot say that this week.