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OUS student raises money for group home

The stereotypical college student enjoys partying, sleeping and spending money.

However, Ironton can rest easy knowing that there are students who strive to better the community one donation at a time.

Luke Van Keuren, 24, has spent the last few months raising money for the Dennis J. Boll Group and Shelter Home, one of Ohio’s juvenile delinquent facilities.

The money was used to buy a refurbished computer for the home.

“I just wanted to make sure that if any of them wanted to pursue higher education they had the means to do so,” he said.

Keuren, a native of Boyd County, Ky., was inspired by a school project last summer that gave the Boll’s residents a tour of the OUS campus.

“I kinda wanted to build on that project last summer,” Keuren said.

The money for the computer was raised through a series of bake sales in the OUS rotunda.

An additional computer was donated, and the extra money from the bake sales was used to purchase needed parts for the computer. Both computers are now in working condition.

“It was a class project but my heart was in it,” he said. “I wanted to provide them the option to pursue what they want to do.”

Keuren plans on assisting the group home by offering technology presentations that teach the residents how to use the computers for research and other skills needed to do well in higher education.

Keuren graduated in June with a degree in technical and applied science, an associates in social sciences and business computer science, and a minor in psychology.