A New Tradition Begins

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Lawrence County Fair started a new tradition Tuesday night: The mud pit scramble.

After the big truck competition, a large hole was watered down, creating a mud pit about one foot deep. Then $200 was placed in the pit. The money was donated by the crowd.

According to Jim Gore, the idea for the scramble came from the organizers of the Athens County Fair.

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He said that this is going to be a new tradition for Lawrence County.

Although the concept seems relatively easy, finding money in the mud proved difficult for many participants.

“Can you give us a hint?” called out a participant an onlooker.

“It’s in that mud!” he replied.

Many participants went home empty handed but some got lucky.

Vicky Stevens was the first person to find money. Her daughter, Kelli Massie, was not surprised that her mom would participate in this event.

“Her and her friends are in there and they’re crazy,” Massie said. “I’m getting lots of pictures and sending them to everyone I know.”

Stevens found a $10 bill. Another participant, Kristen Harris, found a $50 bill.

“I found it when I first hit the water,” Harris said. “It’s too moved around now. I don’t know if anyone else will find anything.”

Although the possibility of finding money seemed unlikely, participants were still searching at dark.

“It was a blast,” Harris said.