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City’s inability to fix drain system costs residents

Once again the drain system in Ironton has taken its toll.

In the recent heavy rain storms (July 12), my basement flooded for the fourth time in the last several years due to the backup of the sewer system.

Two of these times I lost two bedrooms, a family room and laundry room contents, amounting to $10,000.

How long is it going to take this city government to correct their “mistakes” and quit having us, the community, pay for those mistakes?

In trying to reach someone with the city government at the time of the last flood, only one councilman could be contacted.

Charles O’Leary has been there for me and the community during the last several floods.

Not even the police department could reach anyone in charge to get help. Pathetic!

There is no emergency number for this sort of situation listed in the directory that I could find.

I feel that the city government should address these problems immediately and get the information to the citizens of Ironton ASAP!

I wish to thank Chuck O’Leary for his dedication and availability to his fellow citizens of Ironton, since he is always the one we can count on.

Rennie Kirk