Citizens of Ironton want Rist back on police force

Published 11:09 am Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This vendetta against Beth Rist has got to stop.

Why is the mayor and chief of police so determined to get rid of someone with 13 years’ experience?

I quote the mayor, “The arbitrator has made his decision and we will abide by it.”

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Now he wants to appeal the decision. Why? Why was the Ironton City Council involved in any of this? Why is the mayor willing to waste money the city doesn’t have?

Talk to the public and you will find out we are for Beth Rist and not the mayor, chief of police, of city council.

This letter is on behalf of myself and Dona Osborne, Janice Bell, Kay McClellan, Leah Rae Snear and Mary Mackin.

Karlene Ainsworth