Owners make good decision

Published 11:07 am Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ironton’s newest bar may have been named Boomer’s but the owners were smart enough to know when to get out of an explosive situation before it got too dangerous.

Less than two months after renovating the Third Street facility and opening its doors, Larry and Mary Gilmore made a tough decision to close down and rethink the direction for the establishment following a couple of weekends of fights and incidents that required police assistance.

We applaud the owners for doing the right thing and looking at changes that could allow the establishment to be a positive impact on the community.

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By all accounts, Boomer’s was making money and drawing a crowd, but in this case it may not have been the type the owners were looking for.

It is unfortunate that it came to this. The reality is that many bars in Ironton have gained a reputation for being those types of places — some justifiably and some not so much — so troublemakers can sometimes be attracted.

Bars provide a service like any other. It is the individuals who can spoil them.

We hope the Gilmores don’t give up on Ironton and find the right fit.

Mary Gilmore says a new menu is in the works and that they hope to reopen the venue as a restaurant next month, with the possibility of barbecue being chief among the cuisine.

We do urge the restaurateurs to think long and hard about what type of restaurant to open and how it fits with Ironton’s needs. The business’ ultimate success depends upon it.

With Rick’s Barbecue just a few blocks away and a mobile barbecue trailer operating at Bragg’s Market, that may not be the best option.

But that doesn’t mean that Ironton can’t and won’t support a new restaurant.

The Gilmores showed they care about the impact they have on the community and that means more than making a profit.