Premier Pro takes fitness in personalized direction

Published 11:18 am Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ASHLAND, Ky. — With more than 300 clients since its opening just six weeks ago, one Tri-State business that is making its mark on the fitness market.

The business is called Premier Pro and it is taking physical fitness to a whole new level.

Its secret? Sports specific training that targets exactly what is needed for an athlete to meet his or her goals.

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“It’s a different dynamic. It’s very unique,” said manager Denny Henderson. “We tailor to the exact position or positions they play within their sports.”

But the trainers at Premier Pro don’t use the typical run of the mill weights to help the athletes accomplish their goals; they use Vertimax, a resistance system that can be configured in different ways to assist with particular skills.

“We develop muscles they are going to use in their sport,” said Tyler McDaniels, a trainer and former Ironton High School football player, class of 2005. “Vertimax is an awesome tool.”

McDaniels said that both running and jumping are helped tremendously by the program but that other skills are helped as well. He said that hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and swimming are all sports that can be strengthened, but that it is not limited to that.

“You will get better after coming here,” McDaniels said. “It’s a whole body workout.”

Henderson said that his clients range in age from 9 to 63. He said the routines vary in impact and individually selected for each client. The aggressiveness and difficulty of the routine is judged by the results of a evaluation given before the program is started.

“We personalize everything we do,” Henderson said. “We would love to help anybody who has a desire to better what they love to do.”

A group of clients from Coal Grove vouched for the effectiveness of the program.

“I can tell that I can jump higher,” said Brittany Webb, an upcoming eighth grader at Dawson-Bryant Middle School. “I think I’ve gotten stronger, too.” She said that she is doing it in order to get better at the sports she plays, which includes basketball, volleyball, and running track.

“I know it’s helping in basketball,” said Morgan Sites, upcoming eighth grader at Dawson-Bryant. “In volleyball it should help, too.”

One of the remarkable qualities of the Vertimax system is that it makes seemingly monotonous activities interesting enough to hold the attention of even the youngest athletes.

“It’s fun,” said Jeb Jones, upcoming fourth grader at Dawson-Bryant Elementary. “Whenever I’m playing baseball, I hit the ball harder now than I was.” His friend, Sam Angelo, an upcoming fifth grader, gave a similar response.

“It’s more of a fun thing than just running up and down,” said John Jones, father of Jeb Jones and recently resigned coach at Dawson-Bryant. “I can see that their coordination is getting a little better.”

“I can tell a difference just from the kids coming over,” said Janet Jones, wife of John Jones and a coach and P.E. teacher at Dawson-Bryant Middle School.

But don’t let the talk of fun deceive you. The program is hard. Really hard.

“They work you but it’s worth it,” said Brian Conley, an upcoming sophomore at Russell High School. “The trainers are really good and I really think it’s helping me.”

McDaniels said that the program makes him jealous at times.

“I would have been so much better in high school if I had done something like this,” he said. “If you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re going to get left behind.”

He added that Ironton athletes should rise to the competition and workout this way.

“We definitely want more Ironton kids to come over,” he said. “We’re getting outgunned a little right now. We will promise you results when you come here.”

Clients can work out at the center up to three times a week but it is done on appointment only. The price ranges from $8 to $20 per session.

“We have a variety of pricing structures to help people,” Henderson said. “We try to meet people at their level.”

For more information or to schedule a free evaluation, call (606) 393 – 5772.

“We love making people better,” McDaniels said. “Its potential is unlimited.”