Published 9:51 am Monday, August 10, 2009

— Ivory McCoy to Federal National Home Loan Assn., village of South Point, $32,867.

— Preston Development LLC to Randy Justice and Linda Justice, Upper Township,. $15,000.

— Brian Kidd and Tamara Kidd to Susan Kidd, Elizabeth Township, $30,000.

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— Preston Development LLC to Brian and Bertha McKnight, Upper Township, $8,000.

— Linda Bradley to Linda Dennison and Preston Linnville, Rome Township, $7,000.

— Donald G. Kincaid, trustee, to Christopher M. Dickess, Windsor Township, $31,650.

— Rick Rockel and Deborah Rockel to Lionel Marcum, Fayette Township, $4,500.

— Correna Callicoat and Durwood Callicoat to Danny Holshuh, et al, Rome Township, $53,500.

— C. David and Duddie Jean Thomas to Cecil and Janet Merritt, Perry Township, $28,000.

— Riley Development LLC to William and Carolyn King, Union Township, $190,500.

— Lawrence County Sheriff to Flagstar Bank, city of Ironton, $50,000.

— David and Teresa Hamilton to Charles David and Kaye Kelley Payne, Symmes Township, $122,000.

— Home Dreams Ventures to Homesolutions Properties, city of Ironton, $9846.

— Robert Dean and Ella Hamilton to Stacey Singleton, city of Ironton, $98,000.

— James Potter and Sherry Potter to Andrew and Sarah Throver, Elizabeth Township, $89,900.

— Robert Allen and Kristen Allen to Kristen Allen, village of South Point, $85,000.

— Estate of Amos Thomas to Walter and Regina Mayo, city of Ironton, $25,000.

— Charles and Amy McCloud to James and Erica Daniels, Perry Township, $222,000.

— Fannie Mae toHarry and Eleanor Daniels, Fayette Township, $55,900.

— Ruth Thornton to Roger and Shirley Legg, Windsor Township, $4,000.

— Danny Holshuh, et al, to Thomas and Brenda Wellman, Rome Township, $13,000.

— Kathy Brooks and Timothy Brooks to Shirley Johnson, Perry Township, $70,000.

— Glen Dale Holshuh to Jeff Sr. and Sue Ann Dial, Windsor Township, $19,840.

Edward Ison Lail, et al, to Curtis Jr. and Sheila Reynolds, Aid Township, $20,000.

— Dana Spears, et al, to Fannie Mae, village of Coal Grove, $28,200.

— Michael Short, et al, to Kenneth Delawder, city of Ironton,$85,470.

— C. David and Duddie Jean Thomas to Christina Moore, Perry Township, $130,550.

— Henry Wells and Mildred Wells to Steve and Doris Music, Perry Township, $58,000.

— Brandy Friend to Deutsche Bank National Trust, Elizabeth Township, $26,800.

— Thomas Bryant, et al, to Jack and Elizabeth Webb, village of Coal Grove, $11,000.

— Jimmy Hughes and Marcella Hughes to Edward and Christi Jenkins, Perry Township, $5,000.

— Robert Bunker to Joshua Johnson, Perry Township, $4,000.

— Nancy Clark to Bernard Ray Scarberry, Union Township, $84,000.

— Dana Miller to Robert Legg and Margaret Legg, Union Township, $129,000.

— Charles Legg and Margaret Legg to Janet Crowe and Bethany Felinton, Fayette Township, $120,500.

— Fannie Mae to Cathy Brammer, Windsor Township, $79,900.

— April Dillon to Richard and Anissa Sawyers, Rome Township, $40,000.

— Danny Freeman and Melanie Freeman to Jackie Young, Fayette Township, $30,500.