City should honor arbitrator’s ruling on Rist

Published 9:34 am Thursday, August 13, 2009

On July 13, an arbitrator selected jointly by Mayor Rich Blankenship and IPD officer Beth Rist made his decision based on evidence that was jointly submitted to him.

By prior agreement, both parties had long ago agreed that his decision would be binding and non-appealable.

The decision was that Sgt. Rist be “immediately” (on receipt of the decision) restored to her prior position and rank.

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The mayor has failed to abide by the decision. There is no justification for this stalling tactic of starving the opposition.

When Sgt. Rist appeared for duty, she was reassured by the mayor that he would talk to the police about her proper treatment. But he refuses to place her on the payroll.

There are several police officers who do not carry firearms so accommodation has been made many times before.

The disparate treatment of Ironton’s most productive officer continues.

Mr. Mayor, why? If your conduct costs the taxpayers and compels litigation you will be held personally responsible for your vindictive conduct.

William J. Osborne, Ironton