Favre has uneventful Vikes’ debut

Published 11:03 pm Saturday, August 22, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS — On Brett Favre’s last of eight plays in his preseason debut with Minnesota, the blitz came hard.

He looked downfield for Percy Harvin, expecting the rookie to make an inside move on the Kansas City safety, but as Favre felt the rush he flung the ball into no-man’s land. It landed on the turf, and the Vikings turned to punt.

‘‘He actually kind of stuck the guy and went over the top, which is what he had been coached to do,’’ Favre said. ‘‘I didn’t know that. So that’s where I need to catch up. As far as the terminology and things like that, I’m pretty much up to speed on that. I felt pretty confident about that.’’

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As for the plays he had a little over 2 days to practice?

‘‘I didn’t miss a beat calling them in the huddle,’’ Favre said, after the 17-13 exhibition victory over the Chiefs at the Metrodome on Friday night.

Favre knows this version of the West Coast offense well, one of the reasons he wrestled so much with the decision to end another retirement and join his former rivals. Having mastered the same system during 16 prolific seasons in Green Bay, Favre long ago learned the concepts of this ball-control, spread-the-passes scheme.

Finding a rhythm with his receivers, however, will take time. There are tendencies and preferences, plus strengths and weaknesses, to pick up. There are three weeks left before the games begin to count.

‘‘I think that will be an adjustment all year. It really will be,’’ Favre said.