Heavy school movement with new enrollment figures

Published 11:25 pm Saturday, August 22, 2009

Maybe you won’t need a program to recognize the players on your favorite team, but you might need some type of media guide to find your school’s computer playoff division and region.

A total of 118 schools — 16.4 percent — have changed divisions this season after the new two-year enrollment count by the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

Some of Ohio’s more prominent programs were on the move and could have an effect on some local schools.

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The division breakdowns based on the number of boys in grades 10-12 are:

Division I with 120 schools and enrollments of 518 or more boys; Division II has 118 schools with 348 to 517 boys; Division III has 120 schools with 252 to 347 boys; Division IV has 119 schools with 177 to 251 boys; Division V has 120 schools with 125 to 176 boys; and Division VI has 121 schools with 124 or less boys.

Some of the most noted moves in Division IV has two-time state champion Coldwater dropping to Division V while Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary’s and Youngstown Cardinal Mooney are going up to Division III.

Portsmouth West climbs from Div. V to Div. IV and a familiar name to Ironton fans is Germantown Valley View which slips from Div. III to IV.

Cleveland Villa-Angela St. Joseph fell from Div. IV to Div. V. Fans can get a look at Villa-Angela when the Vikings play at Wheelersburg on Saturday, Sept. 19, as part of a one-year contract.

A major drop in Division IV is Maria Stein Marin Local, the perennial state power in Div. V.

The size of the schools determines the point totals for the Harbin Rating System used by the OHSAA. A win over the Div. I school is worth 6.0 points, Div. II is worth 5.5, Div. III is valued at 5.0, Div. IV earns a team 4.5 points, Div. V has a 4.0 value and Div. VI the lowest total of 3.5 points.

Schools earn points on a first and second level. The first level is for the number of points for the size of the school beaten, and the second level is the compilation of first level points of all defeated schools.

Out-of-state points are determined the same way on the first level, but second level points are the same number of first level points for each win. For example, Ashland, Ky., is considered Div. III and is worth 5.0 points on the first level. If Ironton beats Ashland, the Fighting Tigers get 5.0 points on the first level and 5.0 points for each game Ashland wins, regardless if they beat a bigger or smaller school.

Each of the six divisions have four regions. The top eight teams of each region in each division qualify for the postseason playoffs. The top four teams host first round games with a predetermined match-up of No. 1 vs. No. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5.

The playoff schedule this season has Divisions II, III and V playing on Friday night while Divisions I, IV and VI will be on Saturdays. Friday games usually begin at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday games have a 7 p.m. start.

The state championship games will be the weekend of Dec. 4-5 with games split between Massillon’s Paul Brown Tiger Stadium and Canton’s Fawcett Stadium, site of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On Friday, the Div. III title game will be 11 a.m. at Massillon, Div. V will b e 3 p.m. at Canton and Div. II 7 p.m. at Massillon.

On Saturday, the Div. IV title game is 11 a.m. at Canton, Div. VI is 3 p.m. at Massillon and Div. I is 7 p.m. at Canton.

OHSAA Football Divisions

Top 3 Grades Enrollment

Division I 518 boys & up

Division II 348 to 517

Division III 252 to 347

Divisoin IV 177 to 251

Divisioin V 125 to 176

Division VI 124 & less