Voters shouldn’t swallow health care rhetoric

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, August 22, 2009

In Rep. Charlie Wilson’s recent letter to us people he stated nine positive things in the bill on health care.

His first statement was that the bill will be paid for with health care savings of $500 billion.

Do you know where the savings will come from? The Washington Post on 7/17/09 stated the $500 bullion will come from seniors’ Medicare. How about that, senior citizens? And the other, 1 percent of the rich will pay the other $500 billion in surcharges. This is just bull and they couldn’t pay that much in 30 years let alone 10.

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The reason that the Senate and Congress want this bill is just for you and me and not them.

They have their own bill which we, the taxpayers, will cover them forever. Just ask them to be in our coverage and they will emphatically say “no thanks, ours is much better and we can’t give it up.”

Also, if this bill is adopted the government will have access to our bank account and can tell us what we can and can’t have.

There is so much in this bill that the president wants. And he said he will eventually have a single-payer policy, which is totally run by the government. I, nor you, need this. Please don’t swallow the rhetoric now.

Tell your Congressmen and Senators: Do not vote for this bill or you will be remembered on the next election day.

Homer Campbell, Ironton