IPD officer steps down after bar incident

Published 12:04 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Ironton Police officer has resigned following an incident in a Huntington, W.Va., bar.

Brad Layman, who has been employed with the city approximately two years, tendered his one-sentence resignation Thursday, Police Chief Jim Carey said.

The bar’s owner contacted Carey last week advising him of an incident involving Layman that allegedly occurred at the undisclosed bar Wednesday afternoon.

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Carey declined to give specifics about the incident.

“This had nothing to do with his being on duty but he did have a complaint. This did not take place in Ironton and I directed him to the police department in the city where this took place. They called me because he is an officer here,” Carey said.

The resignation makes punishment a moot point. Carey said if Layman had not resigned, allegations of misconduct would have been investigated just as allegations against former officer Richard Fouts, who was involved in dragging a man under his cruiser, and Beth Rist, who admitted to writing a fake traffic ticket, were handled.

Fouts resigned before the investigation into his conduct was completed; Rist’s case was investigated and ended with her termination.

This had been Layman’s second stint as an Ironton officer. He resigned a few years ago after being arrested for drunken driving. He was re-hired a couple of years later.

Attempts to contact Layman for comment were unsuccessful.