Mayor, chief are disregarding ruling, contract

Published 10:16 am Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anyone who has been given a break by a police officer that has pulled you over, raise your hand.

Whether that officer chose to give you a ticket or not, was at their discretion. This case was not theft, robbery, drugs, assault or murder.

This was a traffic stop, not even a driving under the influence, it was about insurance that was expired.

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A person that would never commit any other crime has violated traffic laws at some time in their life. Beth Rist tried to give them a break. This situation with Rist is ridiculous. The punishment should fit the crime. The arbitrator ruled in her favor.

Whether you like her or not or don’t know her or care either way, anyone that has ever worked for a union should support Beth Rist.

Her contract is being violated because Mayor Rich Blankenship refuses to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling.

Every person that works under a union contract that stipulates both parties agree that arbitrator rulings are final when there is a dispute, should feel threatened.

You might as well tear up your contracts. Her union rights and her civil rights have been violated. As citizens of Ironton, let’s stand up for her.

The next victim could be you.

Cristianne Murphy, Ironton