Animal abuser will have to answer for crimes

Published 10:39 pm Saturday, August 29, 2009

I would like to address the “human” who took it upon himself to stomp a small, six-week-old kitten in the face in the vicinity of McGovney Street on Aug. 25th.

Did it make you feel good to assert power over a tiny animal? Did it make you feel powerful to watch the blood spurt from its tiny head as it fell over?

People in the neighborhood where you live found this tiny scrap of fur in a pool of its own blood. Because they care, it has been taken to an area veterinarian for care. If the tiny animal survives, it will probably be blind because of a wonderful “human” like you.

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This little animal did not ask for your abuse. It did not ask to be born. It was born, because of people, similar to yourself, getting an animal, deciding not to care for it and dumping it. Spaying or neutering is done for a minimal fee at the clinic in Barboursville, W.Va.

If you can abuse a tiny animal like this, I am fearful. What would you do to a defenseless child or another human being?

These creatures are creatures that God created. The very same God who created man. If you are anything to go by I bet God is just thrilled at what mankind has become.

You may think that you got away with your evil atrocities but God sees you and all that you do. YOU WILL ANSWER. If not during this life on earth then most assuredly in the life after.

Elizabeth Melvin