Published 9:48 am Monday, August 31, 2009

— Mary Smith, et al, to Federal National Mortgage Assn., city of Ironton, $30,000.

— Meril Chargwin and David Chargwin to Lewis and Shelley Neal, Fayette Township, $960.

— Gary and Leona Stevens to Brenda Smith, Fayette Township, $27,500.

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— Valerie and John Riddle to Thomas and Sherry Jones, Union Township, $105,000.

— LaSalle Bank National Assn. to Alexander Edwards and Jamie Thomas, Perry Township, $55,900.

— Paul and Beverly Hart to Wally and Carol Haugen, village of Chesapeake, $1,000.

— Sung and Teresa Choi to Timothy and Kimberly Lauder, Union Township $9— ,500.

— Linda Singleton Amended Trust Agreement to Nancy Howard, city of Ironton, $— 0,000.

— Cindy and Steven Carver to Patricia Farley, Fayette Township, $65,000.

— Donald Campbell Jr., and Beth Campbell to Karen Cox, Elizabeth Township, $1,000.

— Robert Seth and Sandra Sexton to Ricky and Peggy Crews, Windsor Township, $2— 5,000.

— Deborah Sutcliffe to Margaret and Jerry Clark, Rome Township, $169,900.

— Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Hayes, Windsor Township, $29,500.

— Walter Mortgage Company to Herbert and Florence Lucas, Union Township, $— 5,000.

— James F. Stapleton to Robert and Elizabeth Slagel, Upper Township, $3,000.

— Gary Soderman to Darryl Vickers, city of Ironton, $21,000.

— Darryl Vickers to Gary and Marianne Soderman, Decatur Township, $5,7— 0.

— Donald Diamond to William Leach, Upper Township, $18,000.

— Ronald and Constance McClintock to Jeremy Kilgore, village of Athalia,$2,500.

— Lundy Family Trust to Jeremy Kilgore, village of Athalia, $25,000.

— Pomaria Missionary Baptist Church to Roy and Erica Blake, Windsor Township, $1— ,750.

— Barbara Barker and William Barker to U.S. Bank, city of Ironton, $28,000.

— US Bank vs. Albert Bull, city of Ironton, $23,500.

Sara France to Gregory Johnson, Perry Township, $115,000.

— Garland Kent Ferris, by executor, to Mark and Beverly Bailey, Rome Township, $20,000.

— Roberta Holbrook to Donald Fitzpatrick Sr. and Chad Fitzpatrick, Perry Township, $36,000.

— Timothy Moore to Nora Vanmeter, Elizabeth Twnship, $16,190.

— Edna Scott to Ronald Spears, Perry Township, $27,2— 0.

— Walter Mortgage to Daniel and Sarah Andrus, Rome Township, $20,200.

— Richard and Cheryl White to David and Leota Campbell, Upper Township, $100,000.

— Debra Fitzpatrick to Jeffrey Stitt, village of South Point, $153,000.

— Dianna Croson to Hempar Associates, Windsor Township, $36,000.

— Gail Rogers to Cynthia Ouelette, Fayette Township, $20,000.

— Joyce Blazer to Granville and Dianne Brammer, Fayette Township, $15,000.

— Shannon Neal to Dean and Lorene Palmer, Elizabeth Township, $1— ,080.

— Robert and Cheryl Cleary to Chelsea Cleary, city of Ironton, $35,000.

— Wanda Willis and David Valentine to Louis and Donna Chapman, Perry Township, $2,700.