Time to bring our soldiers home from Iraq

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I would like to express my opinion on bringing the troops out of Iraq.

I have done some research and I have come to see that it would be best for all if the troops were at home and safe. There are many things going on overseas that many people in the country have no clue about.

Due to some recent research on a very credible Web site, I have acquired some information to really get you thinking. This being that the daily spending of the U.S. in Iraq is over $270 million.

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We as a country pay into federal taxes. Have you ever stopped to think, maybe, all of your hard work is going nowhere but to the people who devastated our country in 2001?

Well, it’s true. Over $9 million dollars of the U.S. taxpayers money is wasted on Iraq everyday. If you ask me I think money Americans pay out and work for should be used to better our country not Iraq.

Age? Exactly how old are our soldiers? Are most of them even old enough to make the decision to die? Well in my research I have found that over 51 percent of the casualties in Iraq this year were under 25.

I appreciate them dying for our country but haven’t we proven our point? We have both torn down and rebuilt Iraq. We have done more than enough for that country. It is time we live for our own.

With people not even 30 in Iraq dying today who don’t have to be, there needs to be something done. I think Iraq has learned its lesson and it is about time to let them take care of themselves.

So the soldiers who come out alive with no physical health problems are fine, right? No, actually research shows that over 30 percent of the U.S. troops who make it out develop serious mental problems within three to four months of returning home.

When needed this would be OK, but in Iraq, all the Americans are doing are acting as security for the Iraqi government. We would have more healthy civilians and patriots if we would bring them home now.

Leaving them there is making these health problems worse. Everything is done, bring them home.

In conclusion, these statistics show many reasons why the troops in Iraq deserve to come home to their families and friends and live life unharmed.

Dallas Gumbert, Ironton