Ex-Ironton Police officer treated unfairly again

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I am so ashamed of our legal system and our city officials for what they have let go on in the Beth Rist case. I cannot understand wanting to treat another human being this way, for any reason, let alone a traffic ticket.

It is a proven fact that the IPD coerced the ladies into filing a report against Beth. These ladies even testified for Beth in the arbitration. She won her case and city leaders were told to put her back to work immediately! What is the problem? Beth has lost so much already and might even lose her home.

These individuals will reap what they have sown in time. You never get ahead by treating people wrong. Beth is not perfect, but neither are they or any of us. She admitted she should not have written the ticket. Fine, punish her fairly.

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She should have never been fired for such a simple violation when others have done much worse.

I hope when election time comes that the people of this town remember what kind of leadership our town has and removes them from office.

I am praying for my sister daily and I love her very much.

Teresa Belcher, Ironton