Leaders should focus on more than sports

Published 10:07 am Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am a very proud parent of two who attend South Point schools. One is in the marching band.

Well, I am starting to see some of Ironton Schools in the South Point Schools more and more. I went to Ironton. You see, a lot of the teachers think that it is all about the athletic department.

Well, I have news for them, there is the marching band that is out there on the field week after week playing the school song and others for the team and public.

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My thing is some of the administrators. At the sports contest, some are there at least 95 percent of the time cheering on the teams. If you were to ask some of them how many band competitions or academic functions they have been to, many could probably count them on one hand.

One told the school that the band could win state. Well, a band cannot win state. They only place. They have to win competitions to make it to state. When will the people wake up and realize there is more to school than just sports? People who ignore the band and academics are not hurting anybody but the students.

I think that these administrators should have to go and practice with the band five days a week for six hours a day. They would have more appreciation for the band and the students in it. Or he should go and set with a quiz bowl team who has just lost a big bowl to the rival school.

He and anybody else who thinks athletics are more important should wake up and pay attention. They are hurting our children. After all, the children are our future. Teach them well and they will lead the way.

Do we want them taught the wrong way or the right way As for me I want them taught the right way.

This world has enough problems. Go students, we love you all!

Christy Gaffney, South Point