Hooligans ruin good neighborhoods in our county

Published 9:58 pm Saturday, September 12, 2009

Most of us would rather have a good relationship with our neighbors, be it an active, friendly-type or a passive, civil one.

As long as you and your neighbors are on good terms, your neighborhood is a nice place to live.

I never really knew the meaning of a bad neighbor until after city water was installed along our rural county road.

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Since then, home development has increased and we’ve had a number of unsavory families move into our neighborhood from other states, bringing their bad habits with them.

The culture of behavior of these individuals would probably make for a college research project. It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and would require an enormous amount of research to even understand their thought processes.

Not only are they rude and obnoxious but also filthy and unbelievably lazy. They leave garbage and junk cars in their yard as if it is some kind of status symbol.

Landscaping consists of weeds and high grass intermixed with trash. One woman who moved here from West Virginia dumps her garbage out of her car into her driveway and leaves it there. How embarrassing for visitors to our neighborhood to see this.

These newcomers seem to think that everybody owes them something and that they are privileged above all others in the county and do not have to follow Ohio law.

My personal property does not include common land for trespass by these individuals. And we have leash laws for dogs in Ohio.

Yet these newcomers want to let their dogs run loose to chase cars traveling on the public roadway and to aggravate neighbors and livestock.

In my opinion, those who are not following the law are negligent and liable if their dog causes an accident of injures someone.

But oh no, their vices do not stop with dogs and trespassing. We listen to car horns day and night because they think the horn’s primary use is to say hello to someone they know.

Some circle their yards on ATVs or other motorized vehicles for hours like hamsters on a wheel. Grown men ride on children’s toys and ATVs on the county road after dark with no lights.

Some of these bright people race up and down the county road going well over the speed limit like 2-year-old NASCAR want-to-be’s.

Others discharge automatic weapons in their backyards as hours of mindless entertainment.

It appears to be more liability if you ask me.

Several have set up rifle ranges to fulfill their Dirty Harry syndrome when they should be spending the money they waste on bullets to clean up their properties.

Most of the litter along our roadway is compliments of these lazy individuals. One person that moved into our neighborhood has had his dogs tied for years as security alarms. They never get a walk and are constantly crying. It is unbelievable.

Another person has been in and out of jail so many times that I think someone form Columbus should investigate the handling of the cases.

And guess what folks? That is right, they let him out on bond once again last week.

I do no think anyone should stand by and let hooligans take over our neighborhoods or our county so my hat is off to those who step up and report them to law enforcement.

The worst thing people can do is nothing. They drag down property values, force good neighbors to move, increase the crime rates and create an overall nuisance. Most of my neighbors appreciate things in life a little more substantial than watching bubba swig a beer and scratch himself while rolling around on an ATV. I’m really not interested in this type of culture or behavior taking a foothold in Lawrence County.

Other people in Ohio are fighting back by taking obnoxious neighbors to court. The term used to describe them is “absolute nuisance.” What a truly fitting description!

Cecilia Riddle