Published 9:26 am Monday, September 14, 2009

— Roseland Financial Corp to Timothy and Laurie Floyd, Upper Township, $12,500.

— Brian Cooper and Victoria Cooper to Kenneth M. Ison Jr., Aid Township, $8,000

— Bob Pettit and Vanessa Pettit to HSBC, Union Township, $39,6000.

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— Ellis Massie to Nationstar Mortgage, city of Ironton, $22,500.

— Arthur Suiter and Gloria Suiter to GMAC relocation Services, Union Township, $5,000.

— Charles F. Arwood and Deborah Arwood to Jeffrey C. Adkins, Union Township, $170,000.

— Ryan Conley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, city of Ironton, $40,600.

— Gary Williams, et al, to Danny Holschuh, et al, $58,000.

— R. Daniel Conlon, bishop, to St. Lawrence O’Toole Gardens, city of Ironton, $51,000.

— Pure Platinum Investments to Steven Glenn Cotton, village of Chesapeake, $170,000.

— Gary Soderman and Marianna Soderman to Scott and Heidi Evans, Decatur Township, $16,500.

— Jeremy Eastwood and Laura Eastwood to Thomas and Elizabeth Lambiotte, Union Township, $80,000.

— Jeffrey Townsend and Courtney Townsend to Wanda Riffe, city of Ironton, $126,500.

— Ralph Ferguson to Donald and Jean Butler, Hamilton Township, $8,500.

—Mary Slagel, et al, to Jeffrey and Courtney Townsend, city of Ironton, $45,000.

— Green Tree Servicing to Monica Hoover and Jason Cyrus, Rome Township, $46,000.

—Wayne Kellogg and Susan Kellogg to Mark Robinson, Hamilton Township, $70,000.