President continues to deceive all Americans

Published 10:02 am Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When will the American people open their eyes to the lies of President Barack Obama?

In his speech that he gave both Wednesday and Thursday he did nothing but lie and here is just some of his lies.

First he said that the health care would only cost $900 billion. The CBO has estimated that the cost to be well over a trillion dollars. And he said that he wouldn’t sign any bill that wasn’t paid for. What about the stimulus?

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He said no illegals would be covered. However they are covered in the bill that they are to vote on. It is no wonder that he can’t quit smoking, as all he is doing to the American people is “blowing smoke.”

He has said that there is so much fraud in Medicare. Well if there is that much, just why hasn’t he tried to fix it? All he has done is run around and appoint “czars” who are to do his work.

Just look at who he has and is appointing: Lobbiests, tax cheats, Chicago gang. When will he appoint Rev Wright?

Homer Campbell, Ironton