Corporations are real life monsters of the world

Published 9:57 am Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Mary Shelly’s horror fiction, a mad Dr. Frankenstein used assorted body parts from dead corpses to create a monster, who was deranged, and turned on its creator.

Just as in this work of terror, throughout the years, the courts and our politicians have given an artificial being, a thing — the Corporation — life.

The Corporation has the same rights we have under the 14th amendment and free speech. Some in government have tried to control the assorted group of shareholders, management, and workers, from becoming overbearing in their enormity at influencing public policy through advertising propaganda and political contributions.

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Corporations swallow smaller corporations to become things “Too Big To Fail.”

No single person has that much power. Our Supreme Court is considering giving them more power by striking down the few political contribution laws that now exist.

Corporations have one agenda: To make profit at any cost.

They have constantly throughout the years tried to kill any legislation that may put a damper on this profit such as environmental rules, consumer rights, worker rights, monopoly laws, and right now, health care reform.

This thing, deranged by greed, was never alive. How should we stop its corrupting power over their corporate sponsored and lobbied politicians?

The Corporation should be declared by law, not a person, not alive, not protected by the 14th amendment. Corporations are predatory, involved in self preservation. They are not patriotic, but soul-less.

Our lawmakers, who created this monster, now must control it with rules and regulations.

For those who think government is intrusive, look behind government’s curtain, you will see the monstrous corporate puppet masters pulling everyone’s strings.

Patricia Littlejohn, Kitts Hill