Gridiron Goober

Published 4:38 am Thursday, September 17, 2009

It never fails. After a game, lots of details come leakin’ out. The Cincinnati Bengals opener against Denver is no exception.

Here are some items revealed after the game:

1. The Bengals think T.J. Houshmandzadeh should be the Comeback Player of the Year. It’s not for the season he might have, they just want him to come back.

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2. Denver had several decisions to make last week against the Bengals. Of all the decisions they made, deciding to play the Bengals was the easiest.

3. Coach Marvin Lewis was caught in an embarrassing photo by the local press. He wasn’t with another woman or drunk. He was still wearin’ his Bengals’ coaching shirt.

4. Mike Brown hired Monk because he needed a great detective to help his team find the end zone.

5. Six Bengals left the game together in a car. Lewis asked who was drivin’ and Carson Palmer said, “Who else? The police.”

Ennywho, last week I wuz 17-3 to make it 48-13 on thuh season (.787). On to week four.

Ironton at Ashland: I think the last time Ashland beat Ironton the game got bumped from the headlines by some guy named Ogg who just invented a thing called fire. Ironton 21, Ashland 19.

Minford at Coal Grove: Does falcon tastes like chicken? Coal Grove 26, Minford 20.

Portsmouth West at Rock Hill: West travels east and takes the Redmen south. West 30, Rock Hill 18.

Pt. Pleasant at South Point: Alex Wasonga is gone. So are the Big Blacks chances. South Point 26, Pt. Pleasant 18.

Fairland at Sheldon Clark: Isn’t Sheldon the first name of Plankton on Spongebob Squarepants? Fairland 33, Sheldon Clark 21.

Chesapeake at Lucasville Valley: This game will have plenty of peakes and valleys. Lucasville 32, Chesapeake 22.

Symmes Valley at Manchester: This game is a cure for the Vikings’ hangover from last week’s 3OT loss. Symmes Valley 38, Manchester 8.

Grove City Christian at Green: Lions might scare them, but these Christians ain’t afraid of any bobcats. G.C. Christian 24, Green 14.

Others: Wheelersburg over Cleveland Villa Angela, Russell over Boyd County, Reedsville over River Valley, Jackson over Portsmouth, Logan over Gallipolis, Zanesville over Chillicothe, Warren over Marietta, Oak Hill over Trimble, Ports. Notre Dame over Rosecrans, Waverly over Vinton County, Northwest over Fairfield Christian, Sciotoville East over Buffalo, W.Va.