Apple butter soon on sale

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apple butter time is here and we are in need of a kettle.

We need to borrow a kettle for a short while. If you would like to loan yours to the museum please call us at 532-1222. We thank those who have sent us jars for the apple butter.

While walking up the front staircase at the museum, notice the library that is on the table and in the bookcase. The magazines are for your reading enjoyment. Among them are issues of Bridges, Out Back and Ohio magazines. All of them have information about our area.

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The back room, next to John Rankin’s room, is decorated with handmade quilts. It represents the slave population.

They used these colorful quilts for their directions to find their way to freedom. They are pretty and colorful.

Have you noticed the butterfly bushes behind the museum?

The Ironton Flower Club always does a wonderful job with our landscaping. And we have a grass cutter who always makes sure our lawn looks nice.

Let’s enjoy this nice weather as it will soon pass.

Historical fact

(taken from The Glorious Past)

The voters approved local option, closing the open saloons in 1909. The streetcars were crowded the next three years, while Ashland and Catlettsburg did a big business.

The first airplane ever seen in town flew from Beechwood Park, where admission was charged to inspect the single- seater on the ground.

Jeremiah Davidson was appointed postmaster on Dec. 20. Carmi Thompson was elected secretary of state.

A weekly meal ticket at restaurants, good for 20 meals, sold for $4.75. Popular slang was, “ain’t it awful, Mabel?” Popular songs were “Love Me And The World Is Mine,” and “Pretty Baby.” Children played with the Teddy bear, which replaced dolls.

Naomi Deer, trustee, LCHS