Ironton needs to look at stop signs at intersections

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, September 19, 2009

Since the consolidation of the elementary schools is now complete I’d like to see the mayor or the street department take a look at removing some of the three-way stop intersections in town.

For instance, since Whitwell school is no longer in use, the three-way stop at Fifth and Scott streets is not necessary because this area is no longer a school zone.

Other three-way stop intersections should be examined as well.

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I know from personal experience that most people don’t stop anyway and the process of slowing down provides a perfect opportunity for the driver or passenger to throw out their garbage, or beer cans or light up a crack pipe or joint (I’ve seen all three) before proceeding up the street.

And let’s not forget the loud exhaust noise from clapped out Cavaliers and mini pickups whose owners have installed illegal flatulent- sounding “mufflers,” and who think that they’re sitting at the starting line of a drag race when they take off.

There would be less noise, trash and pollution in the neighborhood if these unnecessary three-way intersections were eliminated.

The same reasoning that the city used in putting almost all of the traffic lights on flash during the Rally on the River is the same reason that most of these three-way stop intersections should be gone.

Jim Hannon, Ironton