Browns have more woes than just at quarterback

Published 2:16 am Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleveland Browns’ fans, please take your finger off the panic button. The NFL season is only two weeks old.

Yes, there are some problems. Who am I kidding? There are lots of problems. Which brings me to the point that fans shouldn’t panic, at least when it comes to quarterback Brady Quinn.

Quinn is not a running back. He is not an offensive lineman. He is not a tight end. He is not a wide receiver.

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He doesn’t even play defense where the Browns need help in the secondary and with a pass rush.

Browns’ owner Randy Lerner is right that the team should pick a quarterback and just go with him like all the other successful teams. Playing musical chairs every year or even every couple of weeks is no way to develop the position.

Is Quinn the guy? Only time will tell. But without a quality wide receiver and tight ends that are half the talent of Kellen Winslow II, it doesn’t matter who plays quarterback. Quinn has to know he’s got the job so he’s not looking over his shoulder. Football is a game of aggression. Players can’t be passive.

The Browns’ draft at other positions is as or even more important than quarterback. Running back Jamal Lewis was on the verge of being cut this year and he ran for a 1,000 yards last year in an anemic offense. If he’s at the end of his career, then why isn’t the heir to the position playing more.

If you want to see a more wide-open offense, talk to coach Eric Mangini and his staff. The Browns’ play calling is very conservative. It’s obvious Mangini is only asking Quinn to manage the game.

Anderson is a gunslinger and he’s fearless. He doesn’t mind throwing the ball deep or up for grabs. You have to like his confidence, but I don’t like the interceptions that come with it.

In 2006, Anderson had five TD passes and eight picks. In his breakout season of 2007, he had 29 scoring tosses but 19 interceptions. Last year it was nine and eight. That’s a career total of 43 TD passes but 35 interceptions.

The Browns have two legitimate quality players: offensive tackle Joe Thomas and nose guard Shaun Rogers.

So take your finger off the panic button and put it on the remote. Isn’t John Wayne in “Rio Bravo” on sometime soon?

—— Sinatra ——

Jim Walker is sports editor of The Ironton Tribune.