Flagpole setting for demonstration of faith

Published 10:18 am Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CHESAPEAKE — David Bickett was a sophomore at Chesapeake High School when he became a Christian. In those two years he has tried to take every opportunity to share with others what he has found through Christianity.

That was his reason for leading the music for the annual “See You at the Pole,” a nationwide observance by fellow Christian teens. Students from Chesapeake Middle and High schools gathered around the campus’s flag pole at 7:15 this morning for songs of praise and devotions.

“I see this as a great way for Christians to give their testimony that we are standing up for Jesus,” Bickett said. “I am hoping some kids will see this and be touched and find Jesus as a savior.”

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With Bickett on acoustic guitar Kayla Suiter, also a senior, sang a variety of worship songs including “Amazing Grace.”

Giving the homily was guest speaker, Jamie Elkins, an area banker, who was asked by John Adams, Chesapeake High English teacher and sponsor of Fellow Christian Athletes, which put on the morning’s event.

“People watching you now may wonder why you are around a flag pole. Some of them already know why are you here. This is labeling you,” Elkins told the crowd of about 50 students and staff. “Bring light to the world. You are being a light. … This is a magnet to other people.”

Anna Mayo, a freshman this year, starting coming when she was in middle school.

“I like seeing how many people come out and celebrate this time, who don’t mind sharing and talking about faith,” she said.

See You at the Pole began in 1990 when teens in Burleson, Texas, felt a calling one night to go out to schools in their area to pray, meeting at the flagpoles on each campus.

They then challenged their friends and community to meet at a school flagpole each year that started a tradition observed each September on the same date across the country.

“This is for kids to come together to pray,” Adams said. “It gives them a great deal of encouragement to see fellow Christians and know that they are not always alone.”