An open letter to the county commissioners

Published 10:43 pm Saturday, September 26, 2009

I have lived on a county road for approximately 40 years. I am a retired public employee. My family has worked and paid taxes in Lawrence County for over 100 years.

Are the potholes that I have complained about for the entire summer being repaired? No.

Is the road I live on in line to be repaired? Not that I know of. Are the commissioners, whom I elected, taking out a loan to repair my road. No way!

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I have choices. I can go to the commissioners’ meeting and whine that I am better than everyone else and deserve my road paved. I can keep contacting the county engineer to ask that my road be paved and wait patiently for results. This puts me equally with other people living on county roads.

I am choosing to write an open letter to the county commissioners — the people I helped to elect and are supposed to be representing me — to let them know I do not appreciate the decision to take a loan to pave a county road. Who cares if these people once lived on a paved state road and are now part of the county system? Who guaranteed them that life would be fair?

My advice to these few people who want to be treated better than their county counterparts is: “Suck it up and deal with it.”

And to the commissioners, remember the people who elected you will be going to the polls again. These few whiners cannot get you elected.

You should represent the majority, not the spoiled minority.

Diana Burcham

Willow Wood