Teaching our children respect starts at home

Published 10:22 am Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To the lady in South Point who wrote a much needed article, “Youth need to respect highest office, democracy.” – Amen! Amen!

I couldn’t have said it better in my younger years. I am 76 years old and my greatest concern is children and adults do not concern themselves with supporting the president, who ever he is or whatever color he is or whatever church he goes to.

We are the greatest country in the world, with a lot of small-minded people. Mr. Obama didn’t create this problem; it was handed to him on a flimsy platter! Hoping he would fail!

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Children are not taught respect for anything anymore, as they were when I had small children. The important things in our life was the “flag” and what it meant, the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States, our “service” boys and girls, men and women “helping” our neighbor, “love” of our church and religion.

Our family was number one on our parade, not who had the most money, the biggest toys and cars and the latest computer games. Those things all come and go, but family, flags, having friends and good neighbors and a place to worship can never ever be replaced.

Our service people, whether they are Army, Navy or Marines, are all giants and can never be forgotten.

The teaching starts in the home and family, then the schools, all of the schools, not just a few, who say we don’t want to upset our parents.

Like Sandi Baise said, “We the people,” not just some of a choice few.

Too many children don’t have a chance to think for themselves, be taught right and wrong, to see good or bad. To a lot of people when a child does something wrong, “oh, well.”

It’s funny, they are just children. No. No. No. Give them direction, say no and mean it, know where they are, teach them what belongs to someone else, you don’t destroy or hurt and most of all, love what you are and who you are and your country, your family and your neighbor.

Then we truly will be the “greatest country” and the “strongest” people and impossible to defeat.

Thank you, Sandi Baise in South Point, for a great opinion!

Audrey Pryor, South Point