American people need to open their eyes

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To those who think that President Barack Obama is doing a good job, when will you take off your rose covered glasses?

First, all that he has put in charge are tax cheats, lobbyists, and radicals who follow his “Chicago Mob” mentality. Just look at the czars that he has appointed to run the White House while he spends his time running around lobbying for health care, which neither the working man nor the retired person wants.

Those who think the president’s figures are right, well it has been scored by an independent entity who says that his figures are way short of what it will cost.

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And if you who are for this plan are retired on Medicare, boy are you in for a shock as Medicare will only be cut by $500 billion dollars. That doesn’t figure in those who will retire as the baby boomers come on to Medicare. Just what will this mean for the elderly?, Less coverage, that is what it means.

As for my saying that President Obama lied, for you who have amnesia, maybe this will refresh your memory. While running for president he made these statements many times:

“I will not allow any pork in any bill and will call out any Congressman or Senators who puts pork in a bill.” Well, guess what? About 8,600 pieces of pork were in his first bill, which he gladly signed. This cost the taxpayer $7.7 billion. The next memorable lie was that no bill will be passed without being posted for three days so everyone can see what is in it. Then next he stated that no legislation will be passed that isn’t paid for. What a laugh!

He has the tools in both the House and Senate to get anything he wants passed. However the Democrats are too smart to pass what he wants. It seems even though they have enough to pass health care they want the Republicans to cave in to him, which they won’t.

As for his fixing the problems overnight, he has four years. Try to fix one thing at a time. He could try to fix ACORN, his pet project that got him elected, which is as corrupt as it can be.

Homer Campbell, Ironton