Published 9:32 am Monday, October 5, 2009

— Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office to U.S. Bank, Perry Township, $34,734.

— Gallie Watts and Rosa Watts to Tobias Pasquale, Union Township, $124,500.

— DLJ Mortgage Capital to William C. Boggess, city of Ironton, $40,000.

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— Riley Development to Paul and Rebecca Reidel, Union Township, $186,000.

— Paula Waddell-Gilmore to Jamie L. and Robert D. Malone, Aid/Lawrence Township, $168,000.

— Mary Sue McComas and Hal McComas to Linda G. Musser, village of South Point, $60,000.

— Lonnie Bledsoe to Gerald D. Mar Sr., village of South Point, $62,000.

— Sandra M. Giammarco to Robert Straw, Lawrence County $28,000.

— Deutche Bank vs. MAR Partners, Elizabeth Township, $8,000.

— Tracy E. and Linda Brammer to Robert Barnett Jr., city of Ironton, $62,000.

— Tracy E. and Linda Brammer to Robert Barnett Jr., city of Ironton, $158,000.

— Karen Burwell and Carolyn Burwell to Karen Burwell and Virginia McDowell, Fayette Township, $17,850.

— Charles Everett Edwards to Marilyn Elaine McWhorter, Union Township $30,170.

— United Bank to Matthew Viars and Amanda Viars, Windsor Township, $68,000.

—Matthew Leo Crance and Richard Ryan Crance to William and Linda Waddell, Fayette Township. $110,000.

— Philip P. Shirley and Joyce Shirley to Jason A. Arthur and Melinda Chaffin, village of South Point, $116,500.

— Craft Family Trust to Beverly Edmonds and Jason C. Smith, village of South Point, $89,900.

— Tammy L. Adkins and Terry Adkins to Michael and Anna Deboard, Fayette Township, $105,000.

— Arthur Conley Jr. and Sharon Conley to Clayton and Adeline Wagner, Perry Township, $139,000.

— John E. and Kathleen Haskins to Hansen Tacker Co., village of Coal Grove, $39,000.

— Madge Stepp to Deborah Artis and Thomas Artis II, Upper Township, $126,000.

— Todd L. Thompson to Claude Proffitt, Mason Township, $15,000.