Treasurer’s office pushing tax collections

Published 10:50 am Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Homeowners owing back property taxes will get another chance to pay up as delinquent tax bills started going out in the mail this week.

Close to 7,000 went out Monday and today from the office of Lawrence County Treasurer Stephen Burcham. This is the first time for the treasurer’s office to send out a massive mailing of delinquent bills.

“This is to encourage compliance,” Burcham said.

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Burcham is hoping that upon receipt of the mailing homeowners will contact his office about paying their bills.

“Another reason is there is interest put on at the end of the year. If people come in now, they will avoid the interest,” he said.

Also by paying early this month, the taxpayers who are in arrears can avoid a listing of their name and property in the delinquent tax list published in The Tribune at the end of October.

“We are giving everybody a heads up that that will happen if they don’t pay their taxes,” Burcham said.

Homeowners can pay by credit card if they come in person to the treasurer’s office or through an automatic withdrawal from a checking account.

“One of the things people can do if they do have a difficulty (in paying), they need to come into the office and set up a contract,” Burcham said.

Even if the full amount cannot be paid by December, if a contract is in place, the homeowner will avoid the year-end interest and publication in the newspaper.

“If they can’t afford to pay the whole thing, if they can come in and we can make a reasonable payment plan,” he said.