Whatever happened to civility in our country?

Published 9:54 am Friday, October 9, 2009

Recently, I spoke my thoughts on the Republican leaders not speaking against the growing divide of our nation.

So it would stand to reason I have thoughts regarding that Democratic Grayson man on the House’s floor. He is another one from the House of Representative to be covered by the media with his grandstanding action.

Representative Alan Grayson’s unnecessary, crude verbal tirade, “Republicans want you to die quickly” was in my thinking a play on Glen Beck.

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Beck just screams anything to see if anything will sprout and so did this man. Beck has the chalkboard and this elected leader had printed signs. Beck is the self described “Rodeo Clown” and this Florida leader became the “Floor Clown.”

At least this was my mental commentary of the sound bytes.Was I ever so surprised that the media intellectuals took it to a deeper news story.

Then it became, should he apologize or not? Whoa! This was on the floor where our leaders are known to be verbally belligerent and hostile to one another.

However, not to the President while he was speaking to a joint Congress. That deserved a true apology from HR Wilson — not a fundraiser rally using the crude scream to our President to gobble up millions. What happened to civility? Where is the child who will lead us? We all need to learn and apply the speech by Gov. Patrick, “Words.”

Perhaps more people should have recognized the circumstance like I did: Grayson was being the opposite of the “Rodeo Clown.”

Beck and Grayson can well afford to act out inappropriately. They are financially comfortable in spite of the economy and their screams of help is not because they would not be our neighbors.

They both have substantial bank accounts, jobs, insurances, working vehicles, secretarial assistants, CPAs and media podiums. But, really, for whom?

Dawnita Redd, Ironton