Museum gets set for X-mas tea party

Published 10:44 pm Saturday, October 10, 2009

Apple peeling is in progress and apple butter will soon be made.

If you want to purchase apple butter please call the museum at (740) 532-1222 and reserve a jar today!

Last Saturday, a program featuring some of the people depicted in the Ghost Walk appeared in a program at the Briggs Library.

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Remember to make your reservation for the Christmas Tea — they need to be made in advance. To make your reservation call Virginia Bryant at (740) 532-3514.

Lori Shafer has another book out. It is “Ghost Stories of Lawrence County.” It is a very interesting book and we hope to make it available at the museum soon!

The Historical Tea will be Saturday, Nov. 14 at the museum. This is one of the first events we will have after the museum is decorated for the holidays. The museum will close Oct. 18 and re-open Nov. 1. This gives the docents time to decorate for Christmas.

Recently, I received a copy of the Nov. 29, 1917, edition of The Morning Irontonian newspaper. In it was this story:

About 30 injured in gas leak at St. Lawrence Auditorium.

When the children of St. Lawrence Parochial School, with their mothers, teachers, brothers and sisters, were enjoying a Thanksgiving Day program at the auditorium of the school on Seventh and Center streets Wednesday afternoon, a quantity of gas that collected in the fuel room beneath the floor of the building exploded, whalechacking the floor of the auditorium with tongues of flame that spouted through the floor.

All were burned more or less seriously and one child sustained fatal burns.

The explosion occurred and the children were removed to the home of the St. Lawrence Sisters and of homes residing near the school, and later to various hospitals and doctor’s offices and their injuries were given prompt medical attention.

Later the victims were taken to Roosevelt Hospital, Keller Hospital and to their homes. Mothers forgot their own safety and rushed into the building to rescue their children. Many heroes were present that day.

More information can be found in local newspapers at the Briggs Library.

Naomi Deer, LCHS