Incumbents all to be returned to SP council

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SOUTH POINT — For a while it looked as if there might have been a contender in the upcoming South Point Village Council race. However, Don Fitzpatrick, who was seeking one of four spots open this time, failed to get enough valid signatures by the Aug. 20 filing deadline.

Fitzpatrick missed getting on the ballot by 10 names. That means next year’s council will have the same six faces with Robert Armstrong, Danny Smith, David Classing and Ronald West all running unopposed. Council seats held by Buel Collins and Marlene Arthur are not up this year.

Retired newspaper printer Armstrong has been on council for the past three decades. He sees job growth as a major goal for the council in the new year.

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“I hope our industrial park continues to grow and more business in the whole village besides the park. We have some empty buildings,” he said. “I would like to see South Point grow.”

Continuing the low water, sewer and garbage rates is on the radar for David Classing, manager of McMeans Pharmacy in South Point, and Ronald West, a retired construction millwright.

“We want to keep prices as low as we can on water and garbage,” said West, who is finishing up his 12th year on council. “We are trying to get a grant to replace the water line in County Road 1 that has been in since the last 1960s. We try to have a neat little village. We have come a long way. Our police force is doing well. We don’t have the crime rate we once did. My primary goal is to make every resident equal.”

Classing is on his fourth term and wants to see continued good service from village employees.

“More working together to make everything smooth in town,” he said. “Work on better response time when people have complaints.”

Calls made to Smith were not returned by press time.