Club teaches crucial lesson

Published 10:09 am Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our soldiers may be thousands of miles away from here, but they are always in the hearts of a variety of community organizations that continue to work hard to support the men and women in the military.

Over the years, many groups from all parts of the county have stepped up — and continue to do so each and every year — to provide items needed by our veterans who are serving overseas.

The Proctorville Woman’s Club decided it could make a difference three years ago by joining in with other organizations to send everyday supplies like toothpaste, Kleenex, instant food items to military personnel who have made the sacrifices to fight for our freedoms across the world.

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The group began a Christmas campaign that has now grown to include all four schools in the Fairland district and gotten much of the eastern Lawrence County community involved.

With this unified effort, more than 200 stockings and several additional boxes of supplies are being packed up to be shipped overseas just in time — or maybe a little early — for Christmas.

We applaud this civic organization of approximately 40 women for their tremendous efforts to do something positive and make someone’s life better.

And it certainly shouldn’t be discounted that the women are serving as a shining example for the youth who are helping them with this project. The club’s efforts show these students that you really can make a difference and even a handful of people committed to a common good can make the world a little better place.

That is a tremendous lesson and may be the most important gift of all.