Horn helps Buckeyes prepare for Purdue

Published 3:53 am Thursday, October 15, 2009

COLUMBUS —Ohio State’s coaches are motivating the Buckeyes with annoying noises this week.

By playing Purdue’s trademark train horn over and over and over again during practice, they’re hoping to condition the players to a) not let it bother them during Saturday’s game in West Lafayette and b) try to do enough to minimize the number of times Purdue blows the horn.

To a man, the Buckeyes were all fed up with having to work out while the loud, deep, teeth-gritting sound was repeatedly and loudly played.

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‘‘I guess it’s a train horn,’’ C Mike Brewster said. ‘‘I’m surprised I can hear you guys right now. I’m deaf after that practice.’’

Brewster said he had to time when he said the snap count so it wouldn’t be drowned out by the horn.

‘‘It’s really loud. If you’re in the huddle, you hear the horn and you can’t hear what anybody’s saying,’’ TB Brandon Saine said.

Apparently, the repetition was working.

‘‘It’s annoying, but after a while you get used to it,’’ CB Chimdi Chekwa said. ‘‘When I get to the game, I probably won’t even hear it anymore.’’