America must lead way toward world peace

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, October 17, 2009

The dove, holding an olive branch, is a symbol representing peace. It tells us humanity has a chance to prosper on the Earth.

We must reach out, as nations, and as individuals, to one another. Reach out in mutual understanding, in respect, in friendship.

This symbol of the dove, the Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded to our own President Obama. I know he was awarded this honor because of his willingness to reach out and change America’s past, hard-headed aggression into negotiations for dialog and cooperation.

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Peace will never be achieved unless the words are spoken to make it possible. Actions must surely follow.

America does not stand alone. We are one nation, in a global community, one spoke in the wheel of progress. War is, to the global community, a disadvantage.

It is a drain on resources needed to end hunger, poverty, climate change, sickness and disease.

How can we all care for our own people when war costs drain away our tax dollars, along with our future generations promise of a better World.

I am so proud that Barack Obama is our president. I wish him continued support from the American people, and from their representatives.

We all must continue working towards a bright future for our country, as our nation, takes its place, with all nations, to promote world peace.

Patricia Littlejohn

Kitts Hill