Travel agents have necessary expertise

Published 10:13 pm Saturday, October 24, 2009

To the traveling public: You may not have read recent articles in the press about how useful a good travel agent can be.

The Los Angeles Times just published a column, noting that “Travel consultants are like having a knowledgeable friend along…these travel guns aim to make sure you have a deeper, richer experience tailored to your tastes and interests…. Many specialists use their depth and breadth of knowledge and create a detailed itinerary for you that becomes a playbook for your vacation.”


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The New York Times recently published an article citing how some consumers have gotten burned using online travel agencies and are now turning to real, live agents who can help them save time and money when booking a trip. ( posted a follow-up story on how online travel sites are flooded with overwhelming options, all claiming the best deals. “Extra fees nestled into the fine print amid blaring advertisements.

Pounding 16 digits into the telephone after you’ve booked the wrong flight before finally getting a human voice.” (

These three articles indicate that the time is right to return to the practice of using a travel agent.

I specialize in vacations to Europe, warm weather beaches, cruises, historic/cultural venues and group educational experiences.

Some of my professional credentials include a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) designation, Certified Cruise Consultant, Destination Specialists (DS) North America, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii along with plenty of individual country specialist and destination certifications.

Let me assist you in crafting your next vacation and I promise to use all of my knowledge, skill, industry contacts and contracts to make it your most special trip ever.

Feel free to e-mail or call 740-550-9540.

Not interested in one of my specialty destinations?

There are many other area agents that specialize in Asia, South America, Gatlinburg, the Beach or Branson Mo.

For example Crystal Bays at Ironton AAA is a Disney World encyclopedia.

What she does for a Disney traveler is incredible. For business travel needs, contact the agents at Travel World.

Next week I’ll share some thoughts on locating the perfect agent for your travel needs.

Get in touch with any professional travel agent and allow them to plan your dream getaway and cut through the travel red tape.

Conducting your travel business with a live local agent just makes too much sense. You’re dealing with a neighbor and keeping money in the community.

Don’t leave your precious vacation or business time to fate. Get the services of an expert, as you would with an attorney or accountant.

Be kind to your travel agent and get out of town!