Collins students volunteer painting duties to LCBDD

Published 11:06 pm Saturday, October 31, 2009

COAL GROVE — Students from the Collins Career Center decided to help within the community last month by assisting with the maintenance of the classrooms at Tri-State Industries sheltered workshop.

With a set of old clothes and fresh paint, Kim Hanshaw, Summer Stapleton and Katie Harrison along with Sarah Humphreys, Satellite Teacher for Collins Career Center, visited Tri-State Industries on Oct. 27.

Each took the time to paint a classroom from wall-to-wall, covering the room with a fresh coat of paint. The group returned the following day to finish the classroom at TSI.

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The girls, each 17-years-old and seniors at Dawson-Bryant High School had not spent much time painting before and found the experience to be a fun way to learn.

Sharing stories of previous, brief painting duties and laughing as they attempted to avoid covering themselves with paint, the girls enjoyed their time of giving back.

The volunteer duties do not go overlooked either. Josh Tackett, Workshop Director at TSI, said it is always great to have volunteers in the facilities helping out.

“I love it when they come to give a helping hand,” said Tackett. “When they come to volunteer, they get to learn new techniques and trades, and we get to have great help and services. It’s an all-around win-win situation. The Board of DD is all about learning, and any time we can help others learn, we’ll jump at the chance.”

Collins Career Center serves seven public schools and St. Joseph Central Catholic in Lawrence County.

At the high school level, Collins Career Center currently serves approximately 492 students in its 21 career technical programs, which provide each student with multiple pathways to employment or post-secondary education.

The adult education department of Collins Career Center offers 22 programs in the fields of computer technology, health, protective services, and trade and industry.

The Lawrence County Board of DD serves more than 500 children and adults with developmental disabilities from throughout the county. Services include Service and Support Administration, early intervention for infants and toddlers (ages birth to three,) preschool services (ages 3-5,) the Open Door School (for students with multiple handicaps ages 6-21,) and employment, job training and other services for adults with developmental disabilities through a collaborative arrangement with Tri-State Industries, Inc., a private, non-profit corporation.