Police, dog catcher protect helpless animals in city

Published 11:00 pm Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am writing to commend the Ironton City Police on being swift to take action on an animal neglect/cruelty report.

I come to Ironton several times a month and for at least three weeks; I’ve seen this medium to large dog in a small wire cage with no covering, bedding, food and water.

The dog could hardly stand in that small cage, let alone turn around. I’ve driven by in the pouring rain and when the sun was beating down to see this poor dog just laying exposed to the elements.

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After only one call to the police department, I was told, “We’ll send George (Wilson, Ironton dog catcher) to take care of it.”

The next day the dog is on a long chain and has an igloo dog house (I hope with warm bedding). The dog is running around with its tail held high.

Thank you, George and Ironton Police Department, for caring about an abused, neglected dog that cannot speak for itself. You are appreciated.

Donna Hussell-Adkins, Lavalette, W.Va.